DIY handmade creative sand painting bottle


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Color Classification

Non-luminous, Non-luminous all the way, Non-luminous and colorful, Non-luminous and colorful (7.5cm * 5.5cm), Non-luminous facing the sea, Non-luminous golden years (7.5cm * 5.5cm), Non-luminous hope sky (7.5cm * 5.5cm), Non-luminous lakes and mountains, Non-Luminous Love Series Moon Remnant at Sea, Non-luminous on the water side, Non-luminous pink sky (7.5cm * 5.5cm), Non-luminous romantic moonlit night (7.5cm * 5.5cm), Non-luminous sea wide sky (7.5cm * 5.5cm), Non-luminous seven-color rainbow (7.5cm * 5.5cm), Non-luminous star and moon, Non-luminous sunset sky, Non-luminous sunset sky (7.5cm * 5.5cm), Non-luminous sunset sky full of new, Non-luminous surface facing the sea (7.5cm * 5.5cm), Non-luminous under Mount Fuji, Your name A, Your name B


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