Wishing Christmas gift small gift

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A deer accompanies-black, Luminous blue starry pudding, Luminous green water and green mountains (7.5cm * 5.5cm, Luminous Haoyue Qianli (7.5cm * 5.5cm, Luminous sea sunrise (7.5cm * 5.5cm, Luminous star before the moon (7.5cm * 5.5cm, Luminous starlight (7.5cm * 5.5cm, Luminous sunset afterglow (7.5cm * 5.5cm, Never leave (7.5cm * 5.5cm, New double dolphins playing in the water, New luminous clear smoke and rain, New luminous glow, New luminous green water and green mountains, New luminous light, New luminous sea sunrise, New Luminous Starlight A, New Luminous Stars B, New luminous sunset, The new luminous star under the previous month A, The new luminous star under the previous month B


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NanSha Qu DongChong Zhen MaoFeng Jie 120 Hao, China


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