Sand Art Bottles

Keep your memories locked in a bottle.

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Sand Art Bottles

Here's what we got in-store:

  • DIY handmade creative sand paint bottles.
  • Elegantly designed sand art bottles for all your special occasions.
  • Sand art bottles filled with sand from gorgeous beaches around the globe.
  • Decorative wine bottles
  • All types of sand art bottles for event decor

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Why Choose Us

Hand made

All our crafts are hand made to match the best quality you look for.

Create your own sand art

Our diy sand art bottles allow you to bring the artist in you.

Suits all your occasions

Looking for sand art for a special occasion? Our vast collection of sand art bottles will surely match any occasion you look for.

Environmental friendly materials

All our sand art bottles are made with environmentally friendly materials making sure that we do our part to protect the environment.


Overflows Super! I'm new in this case, I see with the top something did not do so-on some vtirka straight sat well, and on some with enlightenment. As shown in the training video, you need to do 1 nail and while the warm base is rubbed, and I did 2, that's the second in turn and not very well out. Therefore, the photo is the only one where the overflow is visible.
Tiana Mcdonnell
The sand is very beautiful. Poured on good lighting. Cover them monogram or draw snow and draw, the effect will be super. Thank you
Terry Figueroa
The goods came quite quickly, sent immediately, nothing crumbled, the goods are satisfied
Kaycee Hess

Make memories & keep them closer to your specialty store offering sand art bottles and accessories.


NanSha Qu DongChong Zhen MaoFeng Jie 120 Hao, China


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